Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sweet Sweet Rain

Got a drowning on my way to the shops this morning. Drenched up to my plimsol line and that was with a brolly (umbrella). The downpipes were overflowing and the gutters were rivers and I had to wade a couple of times. But I was happy. It was another shower to damp down the burnt bits of the ridges.

Someone at the bus stop was saying the waste treatment plant at Patonga was on fire on New Year's Day. Didn't know there was one at Patonga but imagine the whiff of that lot burning!

(Big version) Rain over Woy Woy Bay. Taken near the station at 10am. You can't see the damage due to the light being so low.

Rain II
(Big version) And rain over Horsfield Bay. Taken near the station at 10am.

It's not hot today and there's more rain in those clouds. Looks like the weekend won't be another conflagration.

Rain over Brisbane Water
(Big version) Looking towards Green Point from Woy Woy. Taken near the station at 10am. This one's got nothing to do with the aftermath of the fire. It's just for pretty.

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