Monday, January 30, 2006


Got some decent video this morning of those sodding lorikeets twittering and feeding on the flowering gum. Now all I need is a place to upload it. Anyone know of a decent (free) video site?

(Big version)

The bushfires in the Grampians in Victoria (south-east corner of mainland Australia) are still burning. Must be a week now. Poor bloody farmers and poor bloody fieries. They barely had time for a nap after the fires here then they were off to Victoria and Tassie and WA. Anyways, a guy on flickr has put up some great aerial shots of the Grampians fires. Check out the one of Elvis the tank chopper.


Fuckkit said... are good, they will generate HTML code as well so you can post your vids to your blog in a pretty way. They have a storage limit of 100MB. Videos and audio., I have never used them but you I think they also supply HTML code to embed into your blog. No storgae limit, videos only I think. offers free, unlimited hosting for pretty much any type of file. You can link to your files easily enough but I'm not sure if they generate HTML to make it look pretty like Castpost do.

Hope this helps :)

Spike said...

Thank yer kindly. It does indeed.