Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sunny day

Bit warmish for walking but I got a few snaps round the station area.

Wee brick church
(Big version

The building at back (beige brick) is dated 1973 and appears to be used as a Sunday school or Saturday school or whenever Seventh Day Adventists do that stuff.

Didn't find a foundation stone on the church itself. The windows and the roof on the portico (entrance thingy) are saying 1960s to me but such things aren't hard to replace. The design is Gothic but which period?

Wee brick church II
(Big version)

The front door was rather pleasant.

Wee brick church III
(Big version)

Detail of the right hand side. Those windows might be 1960s.

Front of the wee brick church
(Big version)

It's set back from the road a fair way and easy to miss. Locals, it's between KFC and the optometrist near Westpac.

J. Random Dawg
(Big version) This guy is the photo trapped in my camera the other day when the battery died. Thirty three bucks the camera shop wanted for a new one. Thirty three fucking bucks! I gotta get a recharger.

The antidote
For those suffering from a surfeit of blogger awards, here's the antidote awards, which I nicked from Dawei.

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