Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bustling Downtown Woy Woy

Uploaded a couple more photos of Woy Woy to flickr. They're of the area around the train station. As you can see, Woy Woy is not exactly a throbbing metropolis. But we like it that way.

Railway Street
(Big version)

Railway Street from the Clock Tower walkway to the lights. I've deliberately excluded the Clock Tower building as it's a bit of an eighties building, i.e., rather smug and tacky.

Next to Noonan's (blue building on the left) is Which Bank (Commonwealth Bank, long story). There was a cinema (theater) in the same spot. It was demolished in 1924 I think. Can't find the reference. There was another cinema built in 1922 and demolished in the 70s. That was where Woolies is now, on Blackwall Road.

The pale crenellated place next to Which Bank is the butcher's that used to be F.C. Nichols Alecia Tearooms. Built in 1926, same as the Masonic Hall below.

Masonic Hall
(Big version)

The Masonic Hall (1926) and the bottle shop next to it (circa 1940?). Behind the bottle shop is Deepwater Plaza, the local shopping centre. The multi-storey carpark in the background is the tallest building in Woy Woy, apart from The Excrescence down at Ettalong.

Took a nice doggy photo today but I can't get the bastard out of my camera. Battery carked it.


Lee said...

Lovely shots, my boy! Makes me ashamed of the dirty grey streets of Ol London town...

Spike said...

Ta very much. And there was I lusting after the dirty grey streets of Ol' London Town! Grass being greener and all that. Will have to make do with a copy of Phyllis Pearsall.

Fuckkit said...

Oh you absolute sod, I just listened to that "Come To Australia" song at work and now management would like to know exactly why I've just nearly pissed myself laughing :D

Mind if I steal it and link it? We're hoping to spend a year in Oz pretty soon, it took my girlfriend a good few months to convice me I wouldn't accidently get killed ;)

Spike said...

Fuckkit, mwhua! You fell into my evil trap.

Steal away. Ain't mine to start with. They did some other nutty songs as well.

Where in Aust are you visiting?

Fuckkit said...

Cheers m'dear :)

Well we'll be flying into Brisbane coz that's where my best mate is, then we'll wing it from there. Emma's from perth so we'll be there for Xmas, but we're open to suggestions :)

Spike said...

You gotta see the Rock. You can't go back without photos of your grinning heads in front of the Rock.

Freo's got proper music, pleasant old buildings and a ferry across to Rotto for the world's only quokkas. Book well ahead if you plan to stay overnight.

I'd recommend a beach but they're all pretty good and Emma probably has a favourite. Scarborough has a nakey section and Cottesloe is where you go to show off your latest mobile phone.

If you like seafood you'll be able to eat yourselves into a stupor. If you want to drink yourselves into a stupor a wine cruise is recommended. Up into the Swan Valley in the morning sober as a judge, back rolling drunk singing 'roll out the barrel' at dinnertime.

Connections (North Perth) should still be going. It's a bit Kylie but you can get the local scene thingy in the foyer.

If you're in Perth for Australia Day, take torch (for participation), a gallon of sunscreen, a couple of sturdy eskies and a blanket up to King's Park at about 8am. Off the entrance drive with the avenue of gums is the best spot for the fireworks.

There endeth Spike's Travelogue. There's a shitload of stuff to do but I'm buggered if I remember what I used to do there other than get pissed and shag and loll on the beach.