Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lanes #69

I'm on my Summer Plan now for walkies. It's got too hot to do walks a bus ride away. By the time I get there I want to go home. So until autumn I'm walking on the Peninsula (Woy Woy) again and doing the lanes.

(Big version) A garage in the lane. I like the vine against the grey and white.

There's a lot of lanes in Woy Woy. They cover about a third of the Peninsula and all bar a dozen short ones are in 1940s streets.

The shortest are in the 1970s - 2000s streets behind the Umina caravan park (trailer park) and they're just foot lanes connecting one area of the labrynth to another area of the labrynth so the locals don't go batty trying to get to the corner shop.

The longest lane runs from Bourke Road to Wellington Street down behind the Whatsit Street shops (longtime readers will remember Whatsit is West). It's one of the majority and the majority are car lanes, unsealed lanes running between the fences at the back of the houses. Most of them are sandy but some have loose bitumen on them.

Purple & grey
(Big version) Flowers on long stalks against the trunk of a gum.

The title of this post is 'Lanes #69'. Because I'm walking in Woy Woy again the number continues on from #68, the last streets walk I did on the Peninsula back in September last year.

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