Friday, January 06, 2006

Knock Lane

Woy Woy Walk #70.

It was beautiful and cool and grey still when I set out. But by the time I got back I was hot and cross and bewildered. Hot and cross because it turned muggy and rather warm, bewildered because I'm cross because it's not Saturday. I thought it was Saturday and it's actually Friday. I've gained a day somewhere and I don't know why I'm cross about that.

First, a look at the fire damage down at Umina in the two photos below.

Umina fires
Looking at the right hand side on the (big version) you can see just how close the fires got to the houses on The Rampart.

Umina fires II
(Big version) This photo meets the right edge of the one above. The thin trees along the top of the ridge would clearly be brown, with a little more light. They may look okay but normally you can't see daylight through them. There's some leaves left on them because of the speed the fire went through. This part of the fire front got bad when the south-westerly came in at 10pm. The fire swept up the back of this ridge.

Back to the walkies. It was, other than the heat and flies and a demolition, a perfectly pleasant walk.

(Big version This is where I'm walking now. I've done the streets of Woy Woy and now I'm on the lanes. Some of them have loose bitumen like this, some are just sand. All of them have bored and noisy dogs behind fences. Some of them fences are a bit dodgy and you can expect this blogger to be chased sooner or later.

(Big version) Not by this guy though. He ran away when I got close. He barked so hard he nearly knocked himself unconscious and he was still barking when I was 3 streets away.

(Big version) This place is the same size as Chez Crapulence but in somewhat better nick.

Converted garages are called cabins on the Central Coast and are rented out as holiday cottages or as normals rentals. Not all conversions are equal. But this one looks pretty good. The solution to the garage-door end is imaginative and well done. Often the door is just left there.

Don't know if those Federation/Queen Anne (both c.1890 - c.1915) details are repro or originals in very good nick. I went in for a closer look but trod on someone's dog and forgot about it in all the yelping and confusion. It's hard to tell in the big version too but you can see that the shingles on the awning are recycled fence palings.

The demolition was at the corner of Hobart and Sydney Avenues. There's a fence round the site and they've knocked down maybe three houses plus the old shop on the corner. They'll probably be replaced with another lot of units. Last time I was down there was last winter and I'd run out film. Today I didn't get a photo because they've knocked the bastard down. Such is life.


shauna said...

that DOG is soo soo funny. love it :)

Spike said...

He was an amusing little bugger.