Wednesday, January 25, 2006


(Woy Woy Walk #73)

Beautifully cool this morning. The forecast said 23 (73.4 F) so I marched off and did a decent walk. The lanes walkies aren't always very exciting but I get to peer into people's backyards and get a better idea of how old their houses are (New house, old shed? The house is a reno, the shed gives the real age) and I just plain enjoy walking the lanes to add to my knowledge of the Peninsula.

Blooming in the lane
(Big version)

There's not much to photograph in the lanes themselves but as I cross out of one lane and into the next, I look for fifties houses for my collection. There's some renovated ones but quite a few of them are in their original state. Here are the first two, both reno's but reno's of a different ilk.

McMasters Road
(Big version) McMasters Road

Welcome Street
(Big version) Welcome Street

I wanted to walk along the Blackwall foreshore after the lanes but it started raining and my brolly was hanging on the back of the bathroom door. There's a couple of houses along there I really like. Maybe next time the light will be better.

The knowledge

Been thinking about who knows the streets best. What jobs would get you well-acquainted with the streets and how would the jobs themselves colour your knowledge?

Dodderyoldfart the roadworker sees the crumbling surfaces and the dodgy corners where someone's going to come a cropper one night and mess up the nice new shoulder he's just put in.

Garbos probably see the places it's difficult to get close to the curb and remember that No12 Something Street never puts the bloody bin close enough to the curb anyways.

The postie would know which streets always have a dog running loose and whose letterbox is way too small to get their brochures into and which streets are steep enough to make the motorbike whine with effort.

Tom the ambulance bloke sees them as a road map taking him to the next customer and as being full of memories of past customers.

Police can probably drive straight round to the local serial offender's place without looking it up but they don't patrol so maybe they don't know the streets as well as all that.

So, apart from them and us every-street walkers, who else would get to know the streets?


Fuckkit said...

Possibly the dude with the sawn-off who's been casing the joint for the past 4 weeks....

Or is that just in Stockport that happens?

Spike said...

LOL. We got some drongo who wanders about at night setting off firecrackers.

Fuckkit said...

Drongo. Heh heh, I love that word :D

Spike said...

It is highly expressive :)