Sunday, January 22, 2006


Another building in bustling downtown Woy Woy. Due to its position and size, this one 's a good candidate for "former boarding house, Fred Couche 'Roma', 45 The Boulevarde Woy Woy ... c.1891". For some reason I keep forgetting to ask what street number it is.

St Vinnie's
(Big version)

St Vinnie's II
(Big version)

It's not hard to see where the windows have been bricked up. The ones on the other side are still there. So is half the ceiling decoration.

St Vinnie's III
(Big version)

T'other side. That line just above the side windows looks like where the veranda roof went on.

St Vinnie's IV
(Big version)

One half of the ceiling is still like this. The other half is smooth plaster so perhaps the building has been divided into two shops at some point and renovated separately.


Vampire Librarian said...

That ceiling is so pretty. It's a shame it has to be marred with fluorescent lights and a utilitarian ceiling fan.

Spike said...

Yers. But it's still intact and so many of them are gone forever.

My favourite ceilings are the pressed tin ones.