Thursday, January 26, 2006

Straylya Day

It's the 26th of January down here in this wide brown (and singed) land. It's the celebration of Australia's settlement by us whitefellas and the celebration of survival by the blackfellas. Half the country smells like bushfire and, from about ten this morning, the other half will smell like barbecued snags (saugages).

Feeding frenzy
(Big version)

I was wrenched from slumber at the arse-crack of dawn by the bloody lorikeets outside the window. They're having a feeding frenzy on these trees. All over the Peninsula and wherever these gums are flowering it's the same.

Offending species
(Big version) In the middle there's one and over on the left hand side. The rest are all perched on top of the flowers and can't be seen. Pity they can't be heard. Talk about raucous.

Mind you, a bit of racket is nothing compared to what's happening in other states. Down in Victoria and Tassie and over in WA the bushfires are still burning. Victoria is expecting wind and 40 degrees (104 F) today. Shit.

Weggly has a satellite photo of the Victoria fires and Mayken has several photos including close-ups of the damage.

Might wander down to hobnob and watch the fireworks tonight. Hopefully they won't set anything on fire.


Fuckkit said...

Happy Australia day mate ;)

Spike said...

Ta very much :)

Suzanne said...

'Borrowing' yet another photo - the one on top, the tree against the sky, I find it visually arresting. I love your work.

Suzanne said...

Oh, and Happy Day! A snag sounds lovely.

Spike said...

Ta muchly :)

There are few things in this world finer than standing about the barbie on a hot public holiday with a burnt snag between two bits of bread and a dollop of tomato sauce clasped in one hand and a frosty cold beer in the other.

Spike said...

I love your work.