Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ettalong Beach

(Random walkies on the Woy Woy Peninsula)

Golden Wattle at Ettalong Beach

Golden Wattle. Acacia is the proper name of the golden wattles. This one seems to be the Coastal Wattle AKA Acacia longifolia or A. sophorae and as you can see it's growing happily on the beach and the link below says "[g]rows in dunal, heath and sclerophyll communities including headlands" and "[d]istribution: Queensland to Victoria".

Species page at some govt site

Wattle wattle wattle - all my wattle photos at Flickr

Golden Wattle at Ettalong Beach

These photos were all taken just opposite the Excresence, that great white whale of a resort on the foreshore at Ettalong.

Lion Island & Ettalong Beach foreshore

Lion Island there in the distance, and on the right the Ettalong foreshore where the pines, drain and barbies are and where Mr Whippy dispenses icecreams of a weekend.

Barrenjoey Head & Lion Island from Ettalong Beach

Barrenjoey Head and Lion Island from Ettalong Beach.

Bustling Downtown Ettalong (Map)

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