Friday, August 15, 2008

Palm Beach

While the Palm Beach ferry is a hot topic, let's pop back across to Palmy.

Brisbane Water & Pittwater

Pittwater and Brisbane Water ferry routes. The bottom route goes from Ettalong to Palm Beach and is the one threatened by the sandbank.

(Incidentally, everything on the green and blue map is on the Central Coast and everything on the blue map is in Sydney.)

Fantasea Crystal

Fantasea Crystal at Palm Beach. A comfy and efficient ferry but not exciting as ferries go.

These two are also of the Palm Beach fleet:

Crystal Spirit, at Wagstaffe
Myra & friend, wooden ferries at Palm Beach

Floating life - ferries, dingies, wooden boats, putt-putts, a hull, a raised wreck, and a sub

Lion Island from Palm Beach ferry

Lion Island from the Palm Beach ferry. I never get tired of Lion Island.

List of birds & beasts on Lion Island
Islands of Broken Bay

Sea plane at Palm Beach

Seaplane at Palm Beach

Seaplane at Palm Beach, with Barrenjoey Head behind it. The seaplane takes off from Sydney Harbour and does sightseeing tours up the coast to Pittwater.

Work work work

Have been working long hours. Hence the late posts recently. Made the deadline though and there's a bit of calmer water ahead, thank christ.


michael said...

i am going to have to take a trip over to palm beach soon preferably when the warmer weather kicks in and before it gets the axe I hope it doesnt
does anyone know if the patonga-palm beach ferry still runs or not?

Spike said...


Could've sworn Myra or her mate went there but apparently it's the Hawkesbury crowd.

Better get out the tinny.

michael said...

I had a look at the palm beach ferry website it says there that they only use the patonga - palm beach run when the ettalong - palm beach run is cancelled due to rough weather

Spike said...

Makes sense. You wouldn't wanna go across the mouth when it gets nasty. You wouldn't get half the passengers to board anyways!