Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To the beach

(Random walkies in Woy Woy)

Umina Beach

The sun was fucking glorious again today. Freezing morning then warm warm sun. Went to the beach and toasted myself in a sheltered spot, gazed at Barrenjoey Head and wondered what it would be like to live in a lighthouse.

These top two photos were taken last month just after a big rain. It was a lovely warm day and everyone was out about after being cooped up for a week of dark wet days.

This one is the path to Umina Beach, down through the native bushes, the tea trees and the scrubby dune plants to the long beach stretching from the sandbar at Ettalong to the caravan park tucked into the fold of Mount Ettalong.

Umina Beach

Dear Old Things examining the beach for a comfy spot to settle. Umina Beach.

Beaches of the Woy Woy Peninsula

The orange bits are beaches.

Umina Beach and Pearl Beach get some surf, which comes in through the mouth of Broken Bay.

While we're on the beach theme, here's some old paths-to-beaches photos to extend the beach-y feel.

Out Through The Heads

Out through the heads. Looking from Umina Beach out through the mouth of Broken Bay, Box Head on the left, Barrenjoey Head on the right.

From the mouth of Broken Bay you go out into the Tasman Sea. Go straight ahead and you'll graze the top of New Zealand and end up in the South Pacific. Go left and you'll go up the coast of NSW (New South Wales) to Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. Turn right and you'll go down the Central Coast to Sydney then down to Tassie (Tasmania) and eventually to the Antartic.

Pearl Beach from the Mount Ettalong track

Pearl Beach from the Mount Ettalong track. The track goes round the bottom of Mount Ettalong, along the bottom of the cliff. As you walk along you can see across to Box Head and Barrenjoey Head, and down into Pittwater where the Palm Beach ferry goes. You can also see the boulders that've falen off the cliff at random over the years.

Beach Steps

An old one, just because. High tide at Ettalong Beach. Steps down to the beach from Lance Webb Reserve, off Picnic Parade Ettalong.

Coming to a night sky near you

There's another lunar eclipse in a couple of days.

How to photograph a lunar eclipse

I'm off to me dinner. This post is so bloody late because I stopped to watch Time Team.


Team Gherkin said...

Tis such a lovely spot, that part of the coast. Thanks for sharing the pics. I haven't been down that way in a long time... maybe it's time I hit the road and came down your way for a visit. Maybe I should wait for the snow to stop falling here, which may prevent me from getting out or getting back again! Gagh!

Mal :)

Suzanne44 said...

That first photo made me wet with desire - do you know how lucky you are to live near water like that?

Trinity is not my name said...

Time Team is da bomb :)

woy-woy.com said...

yes im addicted to time team and antiques roadshow , love to be in the u.k and be able to go into your backyard and dig up stoneage and roman stuff , not much in the dirt here :(

Spike said...

Mal, yer welcome. Maybe you should wait for bits to stop falling off our roads. Tell you what, if a bit falls off the F3 up at Kariong and the ferry can't get past the sandbar, we'll have to declare ourselves the Independent Nation of Woy Woy.

Suzanne, thank yer, I do :)

TINMN, dead set!

Steve, those Poms are lucky bastards. I've started dreaming about lovely old 18th century chests of drawers since I've been watching TAR.