Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Grab bag

(My poor over-worked brain is in recovery mode. Here’s something it prepared earlier.)

Local linkage

Gosford Times

Ettalong Beach Reporter

A photo a day - Woy Woy local

The Lost Railway of South Woy Woy


Added fillum to it.

Blog for free, or near as damn it

The last bits of the how-to posts. Probably.

For free

Blogger.com (blogspot)
Flickr basic account
Sitemeter.com (tells you who is reading your blog)
Technorati (publicise your blog)

Near as damn it

Flickr Pro at $30 a year (American dollars)

Gotta get you into my life

Schedule blogging into your week. Mark off Wednesday nights for pottering about on the internet and start putting a blog post together.

Yeah but no but

Gorn! Have a go. Whatcher got to lose?

Too chicken? Got nothing to say?

Read an amusing blogtionary instead.

How to take decent photos
How to blog (ideas, writing stuff, tips)
Put your old film photos on the internet
Put your digital photos on the internet
Put your photos on a blog

Okay, that's all my brain is capable of tonight. I am buggered.


Woy Woy Steve said...

thanks for the link to " The Lost Railway " Spike cheers
I took the initiative and made a Blogspot blog as I seem to be short on time to code my own pages ( nah I'm just gettin lazy lol )plus my host is running out of room :(
Not a bad piece of software Im ust say!

Spike said...

Yer welcome. I like your stories.

Yep, blogger's piss easy compared to rolling yer own.