Wednesday, November 02, 2005


To add to the URL theft evil, I'm having some connection problems at home. So if I don't blog or reply to emails for a few days, I aren't dead. Just resting.

And this is no excuse for A Certain Somebody to email me and tell me all about last Tuesday. In hot sweaty detail and preferably with polaroids!


BEVIS said...

Tuesday was fine, thanks for asking. It started out warm but got toasty-hot as the day progressed. I had to work, so I came in early and posted for my blog, then went about my day doing the usual Web Editory things around this joint. By lunchtime, I was ready for bed. But then the race was on at 3pm, so I decided to stick around until then. Makybe Diva won, which was no surprise except to those who were surprised. At 3:15pm I decided I should probably finish my day before heading home, so I did. Wifey greeted me with open arms and closed legs, and we had dinner while watching Everybody Loves Raymond. Afterwards we played Strip Scrabble. Then it was off to bed to mentally prepare myself for another day in the office. It was quite warm weather all day, and I was certainly quite sweaty by 6pm.

I didn't take any polaroids, sorry.

... It just occurred to me that maybe you meant someone else. Oh well, you get what you're given.

Spike said...

LOL Bevis. Much appreciated anyways.