Monday, November 14, 2005

The Bays #1 - Brisbane Water Walk #6

Warm again today but not as stinking hot as last week. Went over to Woy Woy Bay and did a little walk there.

Pleasant spot. Plenty of Federation (circa 1890 - circa 1915) houses still there. Some built in the twenties too I think and plenty in the forties. A dozen fifties places, nothing in the sixties (which is normal for Woy Woy) then a few dozen seventies places and about the same in nineties and noughties new builds or renos (renovations). That's more Federation stuff than I expected and it was very pleasant to find it.

There's a beautiful place on the corner of Taylor and Meena. Owned by Della Bosca who appears to be the Minister For Everything Else for NSW (a Minister is like a Senator). Whatever his politics, his house is beautiful. Federation or maybe a little earlier, judging by the decorative bits. I'll be looking the bugger up and finding out exactly how old it is. The bugger being the house not the Minister For Everything Else. Can't think of much more boring than looking up pollies.

I wandered and drifted along, taking in the glimpses down into Woy Woy Bay and Waterfall Bay and staring at people's houses. A lonely kelpie high up on a balcony barked for attention and watched me with interest as I fiddled about with my camera. As I went I took its photo and it seemed quite pleased with that. I suspect boredom is the No1 killer of Woy Woy's dogs.

There's a park at the end of Taylor Street. Gurdon Park. From there I could keep an eye on the clock across the water next to Woy Woy station. There was a shady seat right down on the water's edge. I sat there and soaked up the breeze and the view.

Grey-bottomed clouds were coming down the F3 from the Hunter, passing over on their way to Sydney. I could see Skion Kop on my left. The TV repeater tower isn't on it afterall, it's on the hill backing Park's Bay. Couldn't see Park's Bay but I could see half the railway bridge you go under to get to it. Beyond that was maybe Caroline Bay. Maybe. Then Green Point and Saratoga with Pelican Island at Woy Woy in front of it. I could see the Bay View pub and the big old pines at Memorial Park. Then the mangroves at the far end of the station then the station with its concrete walkway and the clock behind it then the multi-storey carpark and the crane behind Kmart.

It was a nice spot for a sit down and I stayed there until the bus came. Mind you, I kept an eye out for the black snake that's rumoured to live there.

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