Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Divas & Wankers

Makybe Diva has won her 3rd Melbourne Cup in a row. Her jockey had a bit of a cry. Which is fair enough.

Some swine has stolen my sexinthesuburbs.info URL. I no longer live there. There was a pneumonia-induced mix-up at the server end and someone else registered the bastard when it came up for renewal. So now I gotta get a new URL and dig out my list of links in and shit like that.

But hey, I'll live. There will be some very bewildered peeps out there in Internetland but they'll live too.


BEVIS said...

That sucks, though. It's like you left home for five minutes to buy a newspaper and when you came back squatters had taken up residence, and the council is on their side or something.

I say torch the place.

Spike said...


There is much to be said for the flaming torches approach to problem-solving :)

writer said...

How annoying.

I'm convinced the entire internet is going to implode one day, or be destroyed by electronic insects or something. It's just a matter of time.

Spike said...

ROFL, writer. I suspect you're right.

BEVIS said...

Send some electronic insects over to your old URL.

See if that doesn't sort 'em out.