Monday, November 21, 2005

Effing and Blinding

Thank Christ the comments thingy is back on and my links column is back as well. I was starting to get rather paranoid re my recent computing catastrophies.

No news yet on a new proper site. Will update you as soon as I get it.


writer said...

You do walk a lot, don't you? I often wonder how far I've walked in my life, how many words I've read, etc.

I always imagined there should be a built-in meter that tells you how far you've walked, how many words you've said, how much food you've eaten etc. I'll stop right there.

Spike said...

I do. It gets the doctor off my back.

How handy would the built-in meter be? Imagine CSI. "Hmm, 3 tonnes of potato crisps, 700,842 bottles of tequila, 3 squillion family sized pizza--" "Whoa. That's a lot of pizza, Gris."