Monday, March 26, 2007

After the rain

(Random walkies)

How good was the weekend? All that lovely wind and rain and so deliciously cool. I even had my trackies on it was that cool. It's not bad today either and we're off daylight saving as well so autumn is properly here!

Saratoga & Yattalunga from Brisbane Water Drive Koolewong

The brightest photo in a morning of iffy light. Taken by the camera itself when given a knock whilst sitting on a pigeon-shit bespattered table.

Walked halfway to Gosford this morning. Bad idea. Wanted to try out the new suspension bridge and got a bit carried away. The bridge is a footbridge and its opening has completed the walk-n-cycle path from Woy Woy to Gosford.

Took some more photos of the bridge today but they're as dark as that link above. The light was going fast. Nice bank of cumulus was coming in from the sea. Might rain again this evening.

Anyways. I was wandering along thinking happy thoughts about cool winter walkies to come and next thing I knew I was at Theroy's and hurting. Apart from the Bridge Walk I've hardly walked at all for yonks and the old legs are protesting heartily. Ah well. They'll be back on track soon with the nice cold weather coming.

Woy Woy waterfront from Brisbane Water Drive

Woy Woy waterfront from Brisbane Water Drive. Snapped months ago and lost in the terabyte that is my photos folder.

Left to right: a smidgeon of Pelican Island in the middle ground
Blackwall Mountain (background)
Woy Woy Memorial Park AKA Soldiers Park (pines)
Fish-n-chip shop (sloped roof)
Commercial wharf
CWA, Country Womens Association, the Pommyland equivalent is the WI.
St Vinne's formerly Roma (white, behind CWA)
Woy Woy Pub (yellow, 2 storey)
Ferry wharf (in front of CWA)

Bustling Downtown Woy Woy from Brisbane Water Drive Woy Woy

Bustling Downtown Woy Woy from Brisbane Water Drive Woy Woy. Snapped this morning in a brief bit of sunshine. The left hand dge of this photo joins up with the right hand edge of the one above. I'd bung them together but then they'd be too small for any detail.

Left to right:
Small park whose name I keep not finding out. The Bay to Bay Fun Run left from here last year.
Bay View Hotel. Same pub as was being menaced by a large cloud a few weeks again.
Wee 1950s arcade containing smallest hairdressing shop I've ever seen. Behind it, for the eagle-eyed, is the back of the facade of Noonan's.
The red veranda is a real estate (one of the many) one door along from Noonan's. You can't actually see the traffic lights but they're at the red veranda. At the lights the road stops being Brisbane Water Drive and starts being Railway Street.
The yellow building is on Railway Street as is the dark veranda you can see between it and the red veranda.
The two slim towers, background, one grey the other orange, are the 4-storey carpark outside Deepwater Plaza.
The clock tower is the Clocktower Building on Railway Street.

WTF is that thing?

Blackwall Road Woy Woy cnr Victoria Road

6 months back they knocked down an elderly fibro cottage, a circa 1940s Presbytery and a peculiar 1950s building at the Blackwall Road-Victoria Road roundabout in Woy Woy, opposite 1914 St John's.

This is what they're bunging up in their place. It's either a new St John's (the old one is a bit cracked) or a landing pad for lopsided helicopters.


Erica said...

oohhh (last photo) I really hate it when they build fugly big god things...
maybe it's going to have a water slide to the font

Spike said...

Yers. Thank fuck we haven't got room for a drive-in church :)

nyways, UminaRampart has the artist's impression on flickr. It's very silver.

Sharyn Walker said...

Oh my goodness. I am still lamenting on the demise of the trees at St. Johns. When I saw the monstrosity being built there, I nearly cried. I lost faith years ago with organised religion, knowing the wealth and power it controls, but now, realising how much this must be costing, and at what cost, I am most resentful.

michael said...

i just had a look at the artists impression - my god thats going to be seen for miles around
is it just me or are some of the new buildings down this way getting taller and taller?

Spike said...

Sharyn - I too loved those trees. Made a hell of a difference to that intersection when they took them down.

Michael - It's not just you. Lotsa peeps building 2-storey houses now (too much American TV) and Ettalong is set to rise like buggery when/if that fast ferry arrives.

Lea said...

I hate it!!

I loved the old cottage that was there. I'm so disappointed. :(

Spike said...

This one, Lea?