Monday, March 12, 2007


Still crook.

Pop over and read All About Olive. It's the "blob" of a 107 year old Woy Woy resident, as written by Mike the Helper. It's excellent. Ta to Michael for the link.

Ron, added wog to the Ducktionary.


TrainSpotty said...

Hey Spike, really enjoy your walkies blog, get well soon and when we get a chance will share some history (3 generations here). P.S. A bit of excitement in Woy Woy Road the other day, hazardous waste(a grain of radioactive something in survey equipment) left by an surveyor who's done a bunk overseas.. made TEN News but not much else.. partner said cameras and vehicles near the restaurant on the corner.. saw TEN News, 2 + 2 together.. ah well, no one else reported it.. fame, so fleeting(grin).. hmm, light's out, and I'm not glowing.. yet..

michael said...

I saw that on TEN news as well but didnt know where abouts in woy woy it was

Spike said...

Trainspotty - Thank yer kindly. Feel free to ramble on in the comments with tales of Woy Woy. The older the better.

I know that restaurant. Fellini's or Felony's or summat. Mind you, if it was on 10 it was probably a beat up :)