Thursday, March 01, 2007

El Nino strikes again

Aaaaand we're back. Yesterday was an excellent photo day. Went walkies and got some good photos, came home, no internet. Turns out there was a massive hail storm in Canberra which is where my ISP lives. Saw it on the news last night. It was inches deep. Looked like fucking snow. All these people out there digging their cars out wuith shovels so they could get to work. There's some good photos here.

Sydney copped a couple of big storms as well. Cars washed away in the flash flooding. Bloody hell! There's a great lightning photo here. Massive storm cloud all light up inside.

Here? Nada. Werl, not nada but just a couple of nice loud thunderstorms and some rain.

Anyways. The walkies photos. Tomorrow. It's dinner time here now and then there's a telly programme about lightning.


Made some more stuff for my wee shop:

New shirts & mug

Women's coloured T-shirts

All the T-shirts

I'd rather be in Woy Woy Men's Long Sleeve Shirt

All the long sleeve shirts

I'd rather be in Woy Woy Men's Hoodie

All the hoodies

I'd rather be in Woy Woy Mug

All the mugs

By the way

Today is the 1st day of Autumn. Woo hoo!


Callisto said...

1st day of Autumn and it is so fucking summer-humid.

Spike said...

Wasn't it but. There oughta be a law!

Can't hardly wait for nippy mornings.