Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The hills of Yattalunga

(Saratoga walkies #4 or thereabouts)

Christ, I'm tired. Have just spent 20 minutes staring at a blank screen wondering what I was doing. Been overdoing it with the evil work thing. Couple more days then I'm done for a bit.

Blue Moon & the hills of Yattalunga

Mystery solved. These two are the hills of Yattalunga. Previously I'd only seen them from the other side of Brisbane Water and wasn't sure. Not a huge mystery by any means but another of the small satisfying solutions this walkies business constantly delivers.

Steyne Road Saratoga

Protea tree. The flowers were very similar to the ones I got for my Gran's birthday last year. Not as bright but they might've faded in the sun.

Lovely and nippy this morning but a sleepy warm by mid morning. I wandered along in the sun gazing at all the flowers still blooming in the tail end of summer's heat. Plenty of grevillea blazing away in full colour, a few bottlebrushes quietly fading away and the purple flowering trees are going at it like mad, blazing bright against the blue sky. The flowering gums are flowering still but nothing like as much as last year so I haven't been driven berserk by the lorikeets feeding on them.

Lizard Steyne Road Saratoga
(Embiggen, massive file & not much detail)

A few blocks away from the protea tree I spot this guy just sitting there under a willow beside a storm drain. (See him? At the bottom of the post.) Hello, I thinks, someone's lost their rubber dinosaur. But no, it's a lizard siting there. I thought a lizard would be out in the sun after the overcast days we've been having. Perhaps he forgot his SPF30.

Lizard Steyne Road Saratoga

I edged round to get a closer look at him and see if he was real. He got a bit nervous with me getting closer and kept twitching. Couldn't remember which species runs up you if you stand still (they think you're a nice safe tree) so I did a bit of twitching of my own. I tried for a head-on shot but he wasn't ready for his close-up and scauttled even deeper into the shade.

Okay. I'm off for a microwave dinner and an early night.

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