Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bloody hell

Watched the news last night. First time in days. I'd heard about the floods in the UK of course, but shit, half of Pommyland is underwater! Floods receding says the Beeb and they'd bloody well want to. But the same article says it forecast to piss down in the next few days.

Have posted small jars of drought to Pommy bloggers, who can sprinkle the contents round their houses in lieu of sandbags or sell them to their damper compatriots.

Didn't go walkies this morning. Promised myself I would but couldn't do it. A great lethargy has descended upon me. When I'm not working or robotickly* forking in a microwave dinner, I'm sitting on the couch gloomily watching the telly.

Which is weird. Not the gloomily watching the telly bit. Okay, there's been all this business with emergency visits to hospital bedsides and funerals and some other offline crap, but there's also some really good offline stuff happening. So why the lethargy and the general feeling of gloom? Maybe my brain is tired and is forcing rest upon me. Though how that affects my feet I don't know.

Anyways, we'll see how I feel about walking on Friday morning.

* This doesn't look right and Google was no help.

P.S. I've been wondering when the Bay to Bay Fun Run is. Turns out it's last month.


Pattie... said...

Hello from a wet wet wet Uk
Yes we are awash over here.
and more coming down as I write.
Although no actual flooding in my area.....Lots are having it so drinking water,no electric
and no hope of getting back to their homes for weeks if not months.There is more flooding due today...........
Pattie UK

TrainSpotty said...

Dude.. the lethargy might mean you're getting a bout of the 'flu, even without the coughing.. in addition to your general down feelings with the hospital/funerals and all that.. we're here local with you and all 6 of us have had it in spades over the last 2-3 weeks, some of us 2nd time around. I put the down feeling to going back to work (remotely) after 3weeks off with the latest family addition, but even with 2 outings to Sydney to see the troops would give me a lift, still pushing shite uphill with a pointy stick. My advice for what it's worth.. get some sun in ya, tomorrow is supposed to be mainly sunny and 20c.. I took a 1/2 day then the rest off sick today (basically said fluckit, can't concentrate, give-up).. took the sick one @home with me down the wharf, sat in the sun in jammies and slippers, tossed a blanket over our head for shade, talked to the ducks, sat on a step and just chilled out in the sun. It helped, maybe it's the melatonin/vit A. Suggestion.. Go up to Gnostic Caf and spoil yourself with some nice breakfast or brunch there tomorrow, then afterwards take a walk up through the Memorial Park and jump the wall at the end, sit in the park in the sun there for a while and feed or chat to the ducks/geese, watch the ferries and world go by. Force yourself to get out for at least an hour, maybe have a snooze in the sun (take a picnic blanket with a rubber backing tho, duckshit covered blankies are to be avoided). And sorry about your Gran too, it's always a hard time to deal with, no matter what their innings. Cheers mate.

michael said...

hope you are feeling better soon spike i am just getting over the flu myself
did you hear about the maltese/poodle x dog that was stolen from outside a shop in woy woy - it was found yesterday in Darwin of all places!!!!!

Blabberon said...

Myself, when the lethargy bit happens I attribute it to excessive gravity.

It too will pass.