Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Floods & Bombings & Freo

(Photos from June 2007 visit to Fremantle)

Fremantle Town Hall High Street Fremantle

Freo Town Hall. Sits at the corner of St. John's Square staring silently down High Street at the Round House.

Nice bit of Victorian Free Classical (circa 1840 - c. 1890) the Freo Town hall. Built in 1885 and "a free ensemble of various Renaissance elements" according to my Name That Building book.

The little black triangle below the clock is a black swan, which is the Western Australian state emblem.

Sail& Anchor South Terrace Fremantle

Sail & Anchor. Well-known Freo pub, on South Terrace right across the road from the Freo Markets. Pop in for a gargle after yer lamb sandwich. Very handy.

Cantonment Street Fremantle

On the corner of Cantonment Street and South Terrace, opposite the railway station.

International Month of Floods & Bombings

I went away for the weekend where there were no floods or bombs or newspapers. It was restful. Coming back was not. Dear Old Things wringing their hands with worry over their UK rellies and bloody politicians running round like headless chooks.

Bit of good news though. Pasha Bulker's been dragged off Nobby's at last.


Suzanne44 said...

I'm glad you had a restful weekend. Take care of yourself.

Spike said...

Thank yer. I will.

michael said...

i was lucky i just managed to get up to newcastle on sunday to see the pasha bulka got a couple of pics of it too
by the way spike - did you see today tonight last week? there was a story where they took a family of four (mum, dad and 2 boys) and got them to live like a family wouldve back in the 50's, it was filmed at spike milligans mum's place at orange grove!!!

Spike said...


Excellent. Got them on flickr?

spike milligan's mum's place

Buggeration! Missed it. Woulda been fun to see inside.

michael said...

i dont have a flickr page maybe i can send them to you and you can put them up on your page??

spike milligans mums house looks like it hadnt been touched since the fifties it was a very fifties interior

Spike said...

maybe i can send them to you and you can put them up on your page??

Yes pls! Spikebotster at gmail.

Did they have a kero heater and everything?