Monday, July 09, 2007


(Freo visit June 2007)

Cicerello's Fishermans Harbour Fremantle

Landmark of Freo, where the fish & chips are excellent and the seagulls plump and glossy.

Cicerello's used to be a big tin shed, a fish sorting shed with the fish&chip shop at the public side and the fish coming in the harbour side. Where the shop is now used to be a rather scruffy carpark and the shed was to the right of the photo.

Success Harbour (formerly Fishermans Harbour) Fremantle

Tourist boat coming in to dock. Working boats and pleasure boats in the background.

On the left you can see the end of one of the many jetties (green & white) and one of the statues (grey) celebrating the long history of the harbour as a working place.

Not far to the right of this photo is the shed in which the winged keel of the Australia II was made. Australia II won the 1983 America's Cup, much to the surprise and dismay of America's yachting fans. It lives in the Freo Maritime Museum now, a few hundred yards to the right of this photo. Gotta photo of it to post later this week.

Woy Woy Weather

Pissing down again all morning and yesterday as well. Not ideal walkies weather but I've hardly stirred outdoors since I got back anyways.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Are the seagulls plump and glossy because of the fish and chips, or is it just happenstance?

Suzanne44 said...

Speaking of seagulls, the only good thing about that Finding Nemo movie is the way they characterized the seagulls, with their one-word vocabulary.
Mine! Mine! Mine Mine Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine Mine Mine Mine!

Spike said...

Suzanne, they hit the nail on the head there.

The stoner turtle looked mildly amusing but I was rather puzzled by the American accents sported by the fish in the shorts.

(Er, the fish in the shorts for the fillum not a fish wearing shorts.)

Device dear, not mere happenstance. The bastards can take a chip out of yer hand faster than you can say fuck off hairy legs.