Monday, August 13, 2007


(Davistown walkies #7)

Illoura Reserve Davistown

$1.1 million fine for midnight murders of mangroves.

"[Gosford City Council logo]

Significant tree vandalism has occurred on this site.
Gosford City Council will not tolerate tree vandalism
in any of its public reserves and rehabilitiation works
will be undertaken here. Council acknowledges that
these works may inconvenience the majority in order
to penalise a selfish minority. Any persons found guilty
of these acts will be liable for prosecution under the
Environmental Planning and assessment Acts and Council's
Tree Preservation Order.

Penalties up to $1.1 million"

Mangrove stump Alkoomie Close Davistown

If this tree was murdered it was murder in vain. The stump is shaded by another lovely big mangrove.

Kincumber Broadwater

Kincumber Broadwater is between between Kincumber and the Saratoga/Davistown peninsula. It's another offshoot of Brisbane Water.

Kincumber Broadwater from Illoura Reserve Davistown

And it's calm and quiet and much of its shore is bush or grassed reserve.

Empire Bay from Davistown

Looking across Cockle Channel to Sorrento Road or Shelly Beach Road Empire Bay.

As Illoura Reserve gets up towards the Kincumber Crescent end, the mangroves close in and give the place a dreamy feel. The ducks quack quietly to themselves and settle down for a nap in the shade and the sound of boats is distant and low.

Illoura Reserve Davistown

In the background you can see houses, little cottages and big flash places, along Davis Avenue and Paringa Avenue. Behind them is the hill of Mount Pleasant over at Saratoga on the other head of the Saratoga/Davistown peninsula.

Locals use the Reserve to walk themselves and their dogs and have their lunch and gaze across the water. Davistown wouldn't be Davistown without it.

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