Friday, August 10, 2007

Illoura Reserve

Got off my arse this morning and went walkies. The sun was on the warm side but the breeze was fresh out on the water and there is no better way to see Brisbane Water than from the ferry.

Wandered along the other half of the Illoura Reserve and very nice it was too. (Map)

Mary-Lou & Four Winds off Illoura Reserve Davistown

Mary-Lou and Four Winds moored off Illoura Reserve. That's Mary-Lou on the left in the blue & white.

Hardys may be the boatiest bay in Brisbane Water but have a gander at the background in this photo. You can't hardly see the houses for boats.

Davistown (foreground) and Empire Bay (background).

Mary-Lou & Four Winds off Illoura Reserve Davistown

Mary-Lou's and Four Winds's backsides. Just looking at wooden boats gives a person a restful feeling.

In the background is Sorrento Road Empire Bay.

Milly moored off Illoura Reserve Davistown

Can't afford a whole wooden boat? Want something with wood but with grunt? Here's yer solution.

Her name's Milly. I like her double wooden doors down into the cabin. Very gambling saloon.

MV Rustbucket Eulalia Wharf Davistown

MV Rustbucket moored off Amy Street. Clearly she's had a hard life and it's not over yet. She's for sale.

Eulalia Wharf Amy Street Davistown

Quiet spot for a bit of fishing and dreaming.

That's the old orphanage across the water there. St Joseph's and the Holy Cross Church.

Saratoga, Davistown & Yattalunga map

All these photos were taken from Illoura Reserve. That green line on the map is it. Goes from Restella Avenue, just down from Central Wharf, to round past the Davo.

The Davo is the Davistown RSL and is a popular daytrip if you want a decent feed and a gargle sandwiched between to rides on the water.

That cross on the right edge is Holy Cross and St Joseph's.

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Suzanne44 said...

What's a Reserve when it's in Australia? In NM, we have designated public lands - Open Space, Wilderness Area, National Forest, State Park, Wildlife Preserve or Sanctuary, etc - and each has a different set of rules governing its use. Just curious about what makes a Reserve a Reserve...

Pattue UK said...

Lovely photos
I cant wait for november
and to walk along the woy woy reserve............yippeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

"mv rustbucket" was the livelihood of my family during the 80's and 90's. Her name is Barbara Ann. After another trawler crashed into my father in the dead of night and almost killed him, she sank and had to be pulled from the bottom of the ocean. My father and mother sank all they had into repairing her but it didn't really work out. My father was shortly after admitted to a nursing home in his 50's with dementia. His friends and family struggled to maintain her, 18 months later my father passed away. She was practically given away. She brought us much joy once :-( now you know 'who' she is :-)

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