Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Lunar eclipse full

Beautiful innit?

Had a nasty feeling we weren't going to see it. There was some cloud covering it when it came up. But it rose above it before the eclipse started. Fucking magic sight. I stood there staring at it with my gob open and my beer getting warm. Fucking magic.

This was not taken on my pissy little camera. Mate down on the Northern Beaches took it. He's got a huge zoom. (And if you ask nice he'll let you touch it.)

Video of March 2007 Lunar eclipse & lotsa stills of others
NASA techo stuff for this year's eclipses

The kookaburras are laughing their heads off. This, I've learnt from a kind commenter to whom I cannot find a link, means it's going to rain. Yes, but they laughed yesterday and it never rained! And the sky's as blue as fuck today! Still, they can't be more inaccurate than a meteorologist.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Ah, a blood moon. Certainly one of my favourites!

* intrigued with huge zoom *

* goes for a lie down *

michael said...

I thought i wasnt going to get to see it because there is fucking huge tree in the way but luckly by the time the moon got past the tree it was still in eclipse and it was specatular!!!!

Spike said...

Device dear

*passing tissues*

Michael, wasn't it but. Next one isn't until 2028 or summat.

There's a partial solar eclipse on soon but.