Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dry as a dead dingo's donger

(Random walkies)

Barrenjoey Head, Lion Island & Commodore Heights from Umina Beach

Slept in till arse o'clock this morning. Tired as fuck. Down to the beach for lunch and a gander at the sky.

Faint haze of smoke still visible and there was 2 or 3 choppers hanging about over the Kur-ring-gai and around Woy Woy. The fire started on Monday, long weekend and the start of the bushfire season.

Perfect bloody bushfire weather again today. Dry as a dead dingo's donger and the wind blowing like buggery.

(Barrenjoey Head, Lion Island & Commodore Heights from Umina Beach.)

Fire down below

Map goes from the Central Coast lakes district up past Woy Woy, down past the Ku-ring-gai, Sydney, the Royal National Park and down the South Coast a bit.

Top arrow is the Ku-ring-gai National Park. Fire's still burning there. You can see a bit of smoke today from Umina Beach.

Bottom arrow's the Royal National Park. That fire's out as far as I know.

They both started on the Monday, which was a public holiday, the start of the school holidays and the start of the bushfire season.

Northern Beaches

Map showing the Ku-ring-gai outlined in green. There was a big fire there in January, at Bobbin Head if I remember right. This one's at West Head.

Eric Edgar Cooke

Trainspotty has kindly linked us to The Shark Net, which was the whatsit on Aunty last year about Cooke's murders in Perth in 1963. If you want yer well-filmed creepy as hell true crime, that's the video to get.


michael said...

i remember the january bushfire it came within meters of my friends house at mt kuring gai
yesterdays bushfire near cowan ended up closing both the old highway and the freeway and the rail line for about 2 hours so we were basically cut off from sydney I knew straight away as soon as i heard about it the roads and rail line would get closed it always does when there is a bushfire in that area

Suzanne44 said...

The picture of the dark sky of the sunbathers on the beach - very odd, very interesting. Looked at it for a long time.

Spike said...

Michael, I remember you saying. Scary.

Saw the closures on the news couple of hours after I blogged. They re-opened pretty quick. I thought the traffic might be parked all night.

Suzanne, think I was standing in the shade to get that dark water and sky. It was a bloody warm day.

Notice that bloke with the bright red back? He'll be sleeping face down for a week or three.