Monday, October 08, 2007

Umina Beach

Umina Beach from Mt Ettalong Road

This is what Umina Beach looks like when it's crowded. Drink it in.

Took these last week from Mt Ettalong Road on a warm day.

Remains of Umina Beach Pool

Remains of the old pool at Umina Beach, up the end amongst the rocks at the foot of Mount Ettalong. Not sure how long it's been there. Good fifty years at least I'm thinking.

It's been disintegrating for yonks but that lot of storms and big winds this year didn't do it any favours.

Didn't go walkies today. Too much fucking work still to do. I'm promising myself I'll piss work off on Wednesday but I've lied before.

And about that, this being yer own boss bizzo is a massive mound of malarky. It's s'posed to be all beer and skittles, sitting about in yer underpants having 3 hour lunches and stuff.

All I've had so far is sit at the computer in my underpants. No 3 hour lunches, wee bit of beer, no skittles. Nose to the bloody grindstone every day. It's tougher to bloody well stop working. No fair.


Suzanne44 said...

What are skittles, then?

Pattie said...

Im on my way
be in aussie on the 6th november.
the beach looks fantastic
I cant wait.

TrainSpotty said...

Suzanne44.. skittles are like ten-pin bowling pins, we used to have them as kids and you'd set them up like a free-form bowling alley somewhere flat down the back of the house, then throw a ball and try and knock em all down (just like ten-pin bowls). Goes back to an olde English tradition where they used to play it in Pubs apparently since the 17th century.. and hence the saying "Life's not all Beer and Skittles" which means while it would be nice and painless to do so, you can't really spend your entire life down the pub (even though some here do have a good crack at doing just that..) here's the link..

And I agree with Spike, too much bloody work at the moment compressed into a week where I could be enjoying the outdoors more as well.. maybe Thursday..

Spike said...

Suzanne, what Trainspotty said.

Patty, the beaches will be just as you remember. Sandy, clean (except for a few fag ends round the surf clubs) and wet.

You got bundies on the Isle of Wight beaches?

Trainspotty, thank yer.

Spike said...


Going ten-pin bowling is not the same as going down the Bowls.

Going down the Bowls refers to going to the Bowls Club on the corner of Brick Wharf Road and North Burge Road for bowling on the grass thingy there or going inside the Bowls a bit of a drink and a yack with yer mates.