Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Iron lace


Nose to the bloody grindstone again today and anyways, the light's crap for local photos. Overcast again but the forecast was for not a drop of rain to fall. Bastards.

160 High Street Fremantle

Private house once, most likely, and I'm pretty sure it housed a clutch of doctors for a few decades. Some sort of yoga thingy now.

Victorian Filligree (circa 1840 - c. 1890) again. Very nice. Deep shady verandas as well. Just the thing for before the Freo Doctor* comes in.

160 High Street, corner of Ellen Street. Coupla blocks from Bustling Downtown Freo.

* Freo Doctor. Sea breeze that comes ashore in Fremantle early afternoon.

160 High Street Fremantle

Yer classic Freo red-and-white for the main colours of the building then the Federation (circa 1890 - c.1915) colours on the details.

160 High Street Fremantle

There you go. Iron lace and a wooden valance. Don't say I don't spoil yer.

Embiggen it and tell me if you reckon those are sunflowers in the lace.

Point Street Fremantle

Point Street. Victorian Filligree (circa 1840 - c. 1890) this is. And in point of fact, this very row of terraces is in my Big Book of Australian Architecture as a classic example of the style. "Architect and [exact] date unknown" more's the pity.

And you see that blue car? I swear that's the same car parked in the photo in the book.

Point Street Fremantle

Look at that classic Victorian detail. All that missing is a couple of them urn thingies on the top there.

Point Street Fremantle
Embiggened version with clear detail

The lacy iron bits on the veranda and balcony are called, not surprisingly, iron lace. Well loved style then and now.

In the right top background you can see a wee snippet of the hideous highrise just a block away on Adelaide Street. I'll take a nice terrace over a highrise any day.

Water torture

Chained to yer desk today? Excellent photos of Ettalong Beach by Nelson at Flickr.


michael said...

what lovely old houses

Spike said...

Freo's chockers with them. It's a beautiful old town.

If you don't think about all them slaughtered whales and hanged persons :)