Friday, October 05, 2007

Pathway to Pearl Beach

Path to Pearl Beach

Pissed off work for the day and went walkies round to Pearl Beach. The bus goes there once in a blue moon and walking the road is a 50/50 chance of getting knocked off on a hairpin bend. Most of the locals use the path round the head of Mount Ettalong.

The sign says you could get doinked on the head by rocks falling off the cliff. And there's plenty of examples of said rocks, from marble sized to minivan sized. Popular path but.

Walk up the Mount Ettalong Road where it heads up to the first hairpin bend. Just before the bend there's a wee spot for pulling off the road. The guard-rail has a gap in it and the path goes from there. Not that I'm recommending you take a path where you could get doinked by rocks.

Pearl Beach, Pittwater in background

Bustling Downtown Pearl Beach. Busy innit? Actually, it is. There's a few dozen people on the beach, the school holidays crowd. Normally there's just an old bloke and his dog and a couple of skivving teenagers having a sunbake and a ciggy.

Come the Christmas holidays there'll be twice as many peeps on the beach as the holiday home crowd come up from Sydney and the holiday rentals along the beach begin to bulge at the seams.

The actual downtown part isn't visible in this photo. It's a shop-cum-cafe, a postbox (mailbox), a restaurant and a tiny town hall at the corner of Pearl Parade and Tourmaline Avenue.

Pittwater seen in the distance on the left. Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Barrenjoey Head to Green Point Pearl Beach

Not a view you'd ever tire of.

That faint line of brown cloud is the smoke from the still-smoldering bushfire in the Ku-ring-gai.

Bottlebrush blooming

Bottlebrush with bees buzzing about busily in the lull between the howling wind last weekend and the howling wind forecast for this weekend.

Waterfront cottage Pearl Beach

Nice little old place, bit of a backyard for a dog, right across from the beach. I want!

Mind, it's probably got a price tag of half a fucking mil with that location.

Pearl Beach Lagoon

Pearl Beach Lagoon. Still as. Only a street back from the beach and it's a bit weird looking at a very still lagoon and hearing the surf nearby.

Public access from Coral Crescent (squeeze down beside someone's fence on the corner of Agate Avenue or Pearl Beach Drive (can't remember which) or stroll down the path from the "public access" sign on Diamond Road.

Brilliant address or what? 'Where do you live, darling?' 'Diamond Road, Pearl Beach, darling. And you?'

Look closely and you can see a white Spoonbilled Whatsit in the tree on the left and two ducks under it.

The hill in the background is Mount Ettalong.

Pearl Beach Creek, Pearl Beach & Green Point*

Pearl Beach Creek, Pearl Beach & Green Point. (Not that Green Point, the other Green Point.)

Creeks twist and turn all over the Peninsula and this is one. Pearl Beach in the middle distance, Paul Landa Reserve on Green Point in the background.

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Neath said...

Beautiful beach!

Jimmy Little said...

That lovely trail around the headlands to Pearl beach used to take you right under and across the main sewage outlet for the area. Lovely! It's long gone now, though…

michael said...

if you keep walking around the rocks from pearly you come across a small beach which i have been told you can do a spot of nude sunbathing there
i agree with you on that house spike, very nice although i dont realy like the windows too small for my liking but if i owned that place i would put larger windows in quicksmart

Spike said...

Neath, you never spoke a truer word.

Jimmy, I'm bloody glad I found that out after :)

Michael, nekkid beach you say? Must hunt it down. In the name of research of course!

I like the round bit at the front and the colour. I'd bung on a nice extended veranda I think, all glass, and live mostly in there.

Though that would involve wearing underpants every day. Bugger!

michael said...

wak around the rocks past pearl beach heading towards patonga and you will come across it its a very small beach Im not 100% sure if its true or not thats its a nude beach
I agree with you about the enclosed verandah that would be nice only i would be wearing less than that if I was sitting there!!!! lol

Spike said...

Michael, you trollop!

I wonder if Aesthetic down in Pittwater cops a view of the nekkid beach?

She's stopped blogging now BTW. Crying shame, she's a good photographer.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes stay at Pearl Beach & usually wander around the rocks to the little beach just south.
There's rarely anyone there so it's OK to go nude. It's so peaceful & the view to Lion Island is great.
Last time I was there a couple of local ladies mentioned to me they often see snakes on the beach so they keep their eyes peeled (lol). I took the hint & got my kit off to everyone's enjoyment. G