Friday, July 14, 2006

Mount Ettalong track

(Random walkies)

Caravan park end of Umina Beach from Mount Ettalong

At the end of Mount Ettalong there's a rock ledge where blokes go fishing and a track round to Pearl Beach. You park in the public carpark beside the loo at Berrima Close and walk up the road going over Mount Ettalong for a few metres. There's a track heading down to the rocks. It's a bit rough in places but there's a good view.

If you want to get into that caravan park for a holiday, you have to book a year ahead or something. Lovely spot for a laid back holiday though. Creek, beach, walk to the shops and all that stuff.

Umina Beach & the mouth of Ettalong Creek

Same beach showing more to give you an idea how long it is.

Box Head from Mount Ettalong

From the very tip of Mount Ettalong looking across at Box Head and out to the Tasman Sea.

Pearl Beach from the Mount Ettalong track

Taken from the Mount Ettalong track, looking towards Green Point. That's Green Point at Pearl Beach not Green Point near Kincumber.

Pearl Beach won Tidy Town awards a few years running and is shit hot on the real estate market.

Mount Ettalong & Blackwall Mountain from Green Point Pearl Beach

Mount Ettalong (middle distance) and Blackwall Mountain from Green Point.

Go along Diamond Road to Crystal Avenue and turn left. Follow the road out to the end of Green Point, go through the Paul Landa Reserve and down the track on the right.

Ettalong & Wagstaffe from Green Point Pearl Beach

Left to right: tip of Mount Ettalong, Saratoga (far distance), Blackwall Mountain (flattish top), Davistown (far distance), Daleys Point (flattish top #2), Wagstaffe, Lobster Beach and Little Box Head. The white blob left of centre is The Excrescence.

Pittwater from the Mount Ettalong track

The backside end of Lion Island on the left, Pittwater (part of Sydney) in the middle. Not sure which bit is what suburb or which is Scotland Island. Haven't been to Pittwater yet.

Pittwater from Green Point Pearl Beach

Looking into Pittwater from the tip of Green Point. Warrah Trig on the right. Good spot for rock fishing I expect.

Flickr's bloody slow today. Must be Bastille Day uploads or something.


pattie.isle of wight .uk said...

glad to see your walking again spike,hope your feeling a lot better.
I enjoyed the walk with you
and can see your winter weather
clouds etc.......
we are having another heat wave
on the island.
hope it stays this way for a while..
where shall we go tomorrow?

Suzanne said...

The altocumulus perlucidus are intense, man. Precipitation likely. Looked like a little cumulonimbus beginning to form, even. Oooh baby!

Jimmy Little said...

I seem to remember that there used to be a raw sewage outlet on the headland between Umina (Ocean) Beach and Pearl Beach, out on the point along the track. Wasn't the nicest place to be in those days... back in the old days such things were unremarkable, I guess.

Spike said...

Pattie - Thanks. Still whacked but that's the way it goes after the flu.

Heat wave? How hot does it get in the Channel?

Suzanne - LOL. Been into the oregano huh? We got a bit of rain. It was very pleasant but as usual we need more. Nice and cloudy ATM.

Jimmy - I heard a rumour about that. Thank Christ they got rid of it. It must've made a mess of both beaches in a big blow.

Diana said...

Hi Spike
Its a pleasure exploring this area through your walks - we are new to the area and will eventually follow in your footsteps...

Was that building on Blackwall (you said it used to be a church) always that cream/white colour?

Hope you'll regain your strength soon. Thanks for your entertaining 'stories'

Spike said...

Dianne - Welcome to the area :) You'll enjoy your walkies.

This one? It could well've been always white. Most of the Federation Carpernter Goth I've seen in books and in the flesh are white and I've heard not a peep from the Dear Old Things (bottomless source of local goss) that this one was ever any other colour.

Had a nice rest over the weekend and I'm all better now. Thank yer kindly.