Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Bouddi Track

(Random walkies)

Putty Beach to Maitland Bay track

It was quiet down in the valley. There were birds tweeting and an occasional brush turkey rustling in the undergrowth. Nearer the top the wave sounds could be heard. Up the top at the lookout the wind was fierce and cold and the surf was crashing on the rock ledges below. I scrunched down into my jacket and enjoyed the buffetting and the view.

Maitland Bay & Bouddi Point

Maitland Bay & Bouddi Point from the lookout. It was as cold as it looks. There was a fair wind howling in off the Tasman Sea.

You can see the track there on the left. It continues round to near the Little Beach camping area. Get to that end from Grahame Drive off The Scenic Drive at MacMasters Beach.

Long Reef & Manly from Gerrin Point near Putty Beach

Long Reef & Manly from Gerrin Point near Putty Beach.

Far distance, in the middle of the photo is Manly, right down at Sydney Harbour (large size). In the middle distance is Long Reef, between Collaroy and Dee Why on Sydney's Northern Beaches and the dark point on the right is Bangalley Head near Whale Beach.

It was a pleasant surprise to find you can see all the way down to Manly. Then the weather closed in and the visibly was half that. It was time to head home for a nice hot whisky.


pattie iow uk said...

oh great joy
been here
its lovely isnt it and
the views are stunning
loved the walk to day spike
thank you

Spike said...

Thank yer.

It was lovely and bracing. I love the wind. Maybe I was a car dog in a former life :)

Callisto said...

You used my favourite word, "buffetting", and I felt like I was there also.

Spike said...

Nothing quite like a good buffetting huh?

My favourites are:


The last one sounds strangley erotic but is apparently just painful and Wiki informs me that "although most fistulas are in forms of a tube, some can also have multiple branches."