Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Orange Grove Road

(Random walkies)

Unnamed islets & Davistown from Blackwall Point Blackwall

Unnamed islets & Davistown from Blackwall Point. The end of Blackwall Road runs above the jetty and below Blackwall Mountain.

We're looking nor'-nor'-west towards Gosford. St Huberts and Rileys Islands are in the middle distance with the hill of Davistow behind them. Gosford is in the distance on the left of Davistown and Green Point is the flattish on the right.

Orange Grove Road Woy Woy

The Owl House. Nice fifties place at the foot of the Mountain. Not a huge house but well maintained and the added bits on the veranda don't really interfere with the design. The design is the only one of its kind on the Peninsula.

Orange Grove Road Woy Woy

Don't know if the plants are fifties plants but they certainly suit the house. The colour of the house is hardly fifties but nice anyways.

This is my favourite fifties design I think, apart from the Owl House. I've seen several of them all over the Peninsula.

Orange Grove Road Woy Woy

An eighties or nineties addition on the front of a fifties house. Not bad at all, particularly if it's eighties. Lovely shady veranda looking out over the houses on the other side of Orange Grove Road to St Huberts Island and so on.

Cedar Crescent Woy Woy

This one's actually on Cedar Crescent but I think it's got access from Orange Grove Road. It's a hard one to place in terms of style but, looking at the chimney, I'll go out on a limb and say it's Federation (circa 1890 - c. 1915) or 1900s - 1920s.

It's one of my favourite houses on the Peninsula. Imagine sitting out on that glassed-in veranda looking out over the water on a cold winter's day with the wind howling and rattling the windows and a hot cuppa tea in your hand. Bliss.

Speaking of the wind, it's died down a bit now but it came up just as I was going to bed last night. It clanked next door's gate around and roared gently in the trees and sent me off to sleep all snug and warm. It was pretty strong still this morning. Very nice. Got a bit of video of it in the gum trees. I'll bung it up when it's edited and you can all have a listen.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

If I ever move to Australia, I'm going to live in The Owl House. It's beautiful!

Spike said...

I will be just down the road from you as I intend moving into the last house. I will turn up there with a suitcase, claim I've been away and ask them what the fuck they're doing living in my house!