Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Putty Beach

(Random walkies)

Rock fisherman & swimming nutters at Putty Beach

Went across to Putty Beach near Box Head. It was bloody cold. I was in me padded jacket, zipped right up to the nostrils and a wooly hat on. Three nutters were swimming, another bloke was marching along the beach in shorts and a fisherman was out there on the rock ledge. Barmy.

Putty Beach is about 20 minutes drive from Woy Woy. Come down from MacMasters via The Scenic Drive or off Empire Bay Road on Wards Hill Road to the corner with The Scenic Drive, turn left into Putty Beach Drive and go along past the camping area to the last carpark where the loos (toilets) are.

Putty Beach is on the Killcare peninsula that forms the north side of the mouth of Broken Bay. On one side the peninsula looks down into Brisbane Water and on the other out to sea (the Tasman Sea) and down the North Shore of Sydney.

Broken Bay & Pittwater from Gerrin Point

Broken Bay & Pittwater from Gerrin Point, the point at the east end of Putty Beach, looking down south into Pittwater (Sydney). Pittwater is on the left, Box Head is the point touched by the rainbow. The point on the right is the other end of Putty Beach.

Clouds through a rainy windscreen

Headed back to the car when the rain got up to Pittwater. It's been raining off and on for a fortnight here. Weird. Not weird because it's winter but because we're in drought. The rain is not enough to make much difference to the dams. Good water news in this week's Local Rag. We're getting a groundwater treatment plant in the Council Depot on Ocean Beach Road.

It's raining now but maybe it'll clear after lunch and I can get in a Gosford walk. Meanwhile, think I'll have some nice hot pancakes for lunch.

The shipping news

Last Aussie mass escape ships at sea. Over 5,000 people have been shipped out of Lebanon by the Australian government. There's a few still trapped there unfortunately, including two kids seen on last night's news being left on the docks watching their mother and their siblings leaving on the last boat. Harrowing viewing.

Some good news

"THE Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains have been dated at 340 million years old, making them the oldest known open caves in the world." says the Herald. The Blue Mountains are just outside Sydney and Jenolan Caves are a popular domestic and foreign tourist thingy.

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