Monday, July 31, 2006

Rocks & reef

My video editing software has been chucking a wobbly lately. Finally got this one open today only to dicover the bastard didn't need editing.

(Watch it & my other videos on YouTube)

Anyways, here it is. Surf breaking on the rocks below the Maitland Bay lookout on The Bouddi National Park's Putty Beach to Little Beach track.

Lovely bit of wind today. Might pop out for another walk. Went this morning. Took the camera but there's just one photo of an upside-down me squinting into the lens in a bewildered manner then the battery went flat.


Casade said...
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Casade said...

After a very long and stressful day, the sound of the small waves crashing in your video is so good to listen to!

oh and sorry for my delay in writing back to you, l havent been on this site in a whole week, so lm very happy to be back on it again.

All my relatives and family friends are safe, they have moved out of the city/town places and moved up to the mountain/villiage areas, so they are all well and safe.

I think they are only bombing all the Hesbalah* places, so i do have to thank god that my family is all catholic, cause it means they wont be targetted. but l do feel bad for the ones that are in trouble.

l think lt was very selfish how they bombed the airports, they stopped people from getting out and getting in, l know my dad was planning for a holiday to there in August, now he cant go, its ganna take them years to re-build it.

Spike said...

Thanks re the video.

No worries re the delay.

All my relatives and family friends are safe ... they wont be targetted

Good to hear. I hope they stay safe and everyone else's family who's in a war zone.

Spike said...


the airport ... its ganna take them years to re-build it.

Yeah. The infrastructure being badly damaged put a country back years, quite apart from the rest.