Wednesday, July 05, 2006

On the mend

Still got that whole spaghetti legs thing you get with the flu and it's a beautiful walkies day outside. But I've got my feet in the sun as we speak and I'm on the mend.

Nice bit of rain the other day. Shuffled off to the doctor in the morning and on my way back there was a big golden wattle in full flower outlined against the black black rainclouds over Gosford. Of course I didn't have my fucking camera with me. Curses!

Anyways. Golden wattle is a mimosa tree with blooms like tiny balls. (No sniggering down the back of the class!) The freshest blooms on this tree against the clouds were screechy bright canary yellow. The middle aged blooms were a deep golden yellow like the coins in a treasure chest and the old blooms were turning from gold to a soft tawny brown. And all this against the soft soft grey of a dark raincloud. Beautiful.

Got home clutching my antibiotics and tucked myself into bed under a great heap of quilts and fell asleep. Woke up in the half dark to the sound of rain on the roof. What bliss.

Busy yourselves with this until I'm up and about again. It's the Dictionary of Sydney. A sort of Wiki thing only much prettier and about Sydney only. It's just started but there's some stuff and pictures on it already.


Kerry said...

Hi Spike,
Sorry to hear you're unwell.

We have never had any luck growing wattles. You just get them to a nice size and with a bit of rain and a good wind they split down the middle.
Today its pouring with rain and down the coast its flooding. It would be great to see a large wattle in flower with its bright sunny yellow flowers.

Get better quick!

MeHereNow said...

Get Well Soon!

And next time you go out - I don't care if it is to the doctor - TAKE YOUR DAMN CAMERA!!

Was that selfish of me? Sorry! Seriously get better quick unless of course you've only got "man flu" in which case get over it already!!

Love the blog BTW! ;-)

Spike said...

Kerry - Thanks.

Bummer about your wattles. Good luck with the next one. They're so beautiful.

You're down in Sydney? I saw on the weather it's been pissing down there and down the South Coast.

MHN - Yes Mum :)

I was DYING I tell you!

Thank yer kindly.

pattie.isle of wight .uk said...

poor spike
dying are you?
please answer this
got to know if your still alive.
only joking
poor you
hope your feeling a mite better by now
pattie iow uk

Spike said...

Feeling quite better now, thanks Pattie. Got off with a very mild dose this time, thank Christ. Hopefully that'll be it for this winter.