Friday, July 28, 2006

The old quarry

(Gosford walkies #15)

The sun was in and out like a fiddler's elbow today. While it was out though it warmed the place up very nicely. It's August next week and that means the temperature will start to rise. Spring starts on the first of September. But there's still some cold weather left to walk in and enjoy.

The Observatory building site John Whiteway Drive Gosford

Fagans Bay from The Observatory building site. New lot of flats going up on John Whiteway Drive (upper section).

Point Clare & TS Hawkesbury from John Whiteway Drive Gosford

Point Clare & TS Hawkesbury from John Whiteway Drive. View from The Observatory once its built. TS Hawkesbury is Training Ship Hawkesbury, a naval training facility. Though it's hardly big enough to be a training ship, more like a training rowboat.

This was taken from the upper section of J.W. Drive. It's a sort of loop road thingy and this part is higher. Go up Donnison Street (on the Mann Street side of the railway) to the top and turn right. Go straight ahead up the hill for the upper part or take the first right turn for the lower part.

I can see The Blackett in this photo, the little old sandstone church on Mann Street. Click on the photo above and run your mouse over the photo.

Blocks of flats John Whiteway Drive Gosford

As you can see the view from John Whiteway Drive is already enriching some developer. From these flats you'd be able to see straight down Brisbane Water to Woy Woy and, on a clear day, probably to Barrenjoey Head.

The old quarry John Whiteway Drive Gosford

The old quarry is partially fenced off and there's a building site sign on it. Another block of flats will go there presumably. It's on the uppermost part of the upper part of John Whiteway Drive.

The old quarry John Whiteway Drive Gosford

The Old Courthouse (now the Conservatorium of Music) on Mann Street was built in 1848-49 of local sandstone. I don't yet know if that sandstone came from the quarry on Mullet Creek (look out of the train as it passes Wondabyne station) or from this quarry.

The old quarry John Whiteway Drive Gosford

The flats in front of the quarry won't block the view much.

It's s'posed to be clearing on the weekend and fine next week. That'll be pleasant. Nice cold sunshiny days again.

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