Friday, July 21, 2006

Frederick Street

Flickr's back online so here's the photos I wanted to post yesterday.

Green Point & Daleys Point from Frederick Street Pt Frederick

From Caroline Bay in the foreground across to Green Point (half hidden on the left), Daleys Point and, in the far distance, possibly Wagstaffe. Woy Woy is not visible but if it was it'd be to the right of Wagstaffe.

Frederick Street Point Frederick

Private dingies and jetties at the bottom end of Frederick Street. There's no public boat ramp or jetty more's the pity. Private jetties make me wish I was a rich bastard so I could totter out of the house in the morning in me slippers clutching a cuppa tea, onto my boat and putter off for a spot of boating.

Frederick Street Point Frederick

Green Point (left), Davistown (small peak) and Killcare Heights (far distance) from the park at the bottom of Frederick Street.

Frederick Street Point Frederick

Tea trees & mangroves in the park at the bottom end of Frederick Street. Lovely spot. Sat on a log and ate my elevenses and listened to the water lapping.

Cast of thousands

The morning news said there's 10,000 Australians still waiting for evacuation from Lebanon. It was a commercial channel so they probably exaggerated by 5,000 but that's still a shitload of frightened and bewildered peeps hiding out while they wait for rescue. Good luck.

I am tired and cross and am off for an afternoon nap. Talk amongst yerselves.


pattie iow uk said...

oh dear
tired and cross
hope you feel better by the time you read this.ha ha
loved todays photos they turned out really well the colour of the sky and water just to be by the water.......have you got over the flu properly?

Casade said...

The pictures on this site today are just beautiful as always.

hope you feel abit better later on, and it is abit sad to hear about the aussies in lebanon, me being lebanease l cant help but worry about the people and family that live there. the war seems to be very pointless, lebanon is supposed to be inproving since the last war in the 70s, this is just taking them back, its not good.

Spike said...

Pattie - Thanks. The blues of the water and sky this winter are so intense and beautiful. It's a pleasure to photograph them. And to get kudos for the photos :)

Both of you - I do feel better now, thanks. Tucked myself up on the sofa with a massive cup of hot chocolate and had a wee nap. I'm definitley still getting over the flu.

Cascade - Thank you.

The rest of what I've got to say I'm going to post. I know not all of my readers read the comments.

Spike said...

Casade even. I can't spell.