Thursday, July 20, 2006

Caroline Bay

It's shaping up to be another crap day for walkies here. Got something left over from last week's sunny walk up at Longnose though.

(Watch it at YouTube)

View into Caroline Bay and down Brisbane Water's east side to Daleys Point from Frederick Street Longnose (Point Frederick) near the old school.

On the soundtrack you can hear the wind in the pine trees in the park and a clicking sound which is me forgetting I'm chewing gum near a microphone.

Flickr's having a little lie-down so no photos. But they're giving away a free pro account.

Or you can pop across to Callisto's blog and check out her photos from Pittwater which is northern beaches Sydney and visible from Umina. This is my favourite of her photos and takes me back too, to the shop across the road from my old primary school.

Bad news

This war crap in Israel and Lebanon. Not interested in who started it or why. I've got a couple of Israeli readers and an occasional Lebanese reader. Hope all you Lebs and Israelis and your families and all those in the afflicted areas stay safe.

The same goes for the poor buggers in Indonesia who copped a tsunami on Monday after a 6.2 earthquake hit the Jakarta region. Last night's news said they found four survivors out at sea clinging to their wrecked boats. Cold, wet and hungry but alive.


Callisto said...

Just popped in to see what's happening up there today and to let you know that I'm just adding a link and I see you have beaten me to it!

So I'll be seeing you around.

Spike said...

Ta for the linkage.

You get that nice bit of proper rain last night about the time? It was lovverly.

Callisto said...

We've had a stack of rain (relative to the recent past) and your'e right, it has been luuuvvverly, if bit soggy in some parts 'round here.

Spike said...


Know what you mean about soggy. I've nearly gone arse over a few times in the mud.