Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blackwall Mountain video

The bastard finally fucking uploaded. Read an article yesterday about YouTube having 60% market share of video uploads. Which explains why they're so clogged already.

(Watch it at YouTube)

Pamorama from Mount Ettalong and Umina Beach, across Lion Island, Pittwater, Barrenjoey Head and the mouth of Broken Bay, Wagstaffe and Hardys Bay, with Ettalong in the foreground at the foot of the Mountain.

Soundtrack removed due to a pair of my mates squabbling over the map. Snipped off the bit of video at the end where they say 'oh fuck!' and I turn the camera on them in time to see the map sailing off into the breeze. That was my contour map so I can't check the height of the Mountain on it. Bastards.

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