Monday, July 10, 2006

Cunning plan

Tucked myself up in bed early last night and watched Pirates of the Carribean on the telly. Johhny Depp grows ever more shaggable. He could turn anyone, the sexy beast. And it was then I formed my cunning plan. To wit: persuade Depp to participate, round up all the lesbians and straight guys across the world, sit back and watch as whole world turns bisexual after shagging him.

Golden Wattle

This is the golden wattle I was on about the other day. Not the very same one but the same species.

Golden Wattle up close

It's not Acacia pycnantha. That's the one on the Australian crest. This ones got small roundish leaves instead of long thin ones. The flowers are the same though.

This crowd say "In Australia there are over five hundred species ranging in size from small shrubs to tall trees. All are evergreens with yellow flowers (from brilliant yellow to pale lemon yellow) and the foliage can be feathery, flat or needle like."

Looks like no walkies today. I'm off to get some more antibiotics in a minute then another day under a quilt in the balcony sun. The fucking flu came back yesterday.


Erica said...

taking a guess at the wattle, it could be Queensland Silver Wattle,Acacia podalyriifolia, widely cultivated and very invasive.

(JD gets my old heart pumping - where was he 40 years ago, yeah I know, probably not born, make me feel old why don't you VBG)

Fuckkit said...

I would so turn for Johnny Depp but only if he promises to wear the pirate outfit in bed.

MeHereNow said...

*glossing over the whole Johnny Depp thing* (!!!)

When do the magnolia trees flower over there?
My Uncle had the most fantastic magnolia tree at the side of his driveway in Murwillumbah.
Could you take a pic for me when its time?
Please pretty please I'll have a word with Johnny for you ;-)*shiver*

Spike said...

Erica - I think you're right about the wattle species. It's pretty popular in WA too. Can't remember seeing any other species in the gardens there.

Bugger age. Join in the fun :)

Fuckkit - Might be in tatters after everyone else has ripped it off him. How about just the hat and eye patch?

Meherenow - You're not a Depp fan? Out, foul demon!

The magnolias flower in late winter here. A few weeks from now. Here's a M. denudata in Woy Woy to be going on with.

What colour was your uncle's?

MeHereNow said...

I dunno what it was called but it was large white flowers with a hint of deep pink running up the petals.
I've tried to grow one similar here - actually I'm on the second attempt (first one died *sob*).I've got heavy clay soil so I started this second one off in a pot and transfered it after she finished flowering.She's giving me lots of new growth now so *fingers crossed* she's happy where she is.Her name's Maggie BTW!!!
Couldn't find a link or pic of the one in Woy Woy - where you hiding it?!?!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I'm loathe to admit this, but, I have to agree with Fuckkit. Again! This is twice now, in as many weeks. What's going on?

I obviously don't need to turn, but he can definitely wear the pirate outfit. Oh yes!

Spike said...

Meherenow - Previously hidden Magnolia denudata in Woy Woy, large white flowers with deep pink up the outside. Looks way better in real life.

Good luck with Maggie. If she gets sick put her in a muggier spot but with plenty of sun.

Device dear - It's a conspiracy.

Yeah baby! re the pirate outfit.