Friday, July 07, 2006

Fagans Bay

(Random walkies)

Fagans Bay
(Big version)

The south side of the bay's in the suburb of Point Clare and the north side in West Gosford. Here we're looking east-south-east in the direction of Longnose (Point Frederick).

Forgotten photo from last week. Not much boat traffic in Fagans Bay. Plenty of ducks and stuff though. Very pleasant just sitting there with the joggers thumping past on the cycle track behind you, the water lapping quietly and the ducks quacking occasionally.

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Panorama of Fagans Bay from the wooden footbridge over Coorumbine Creek, which lets into the bay. The bay's got almost no boat traffic and is fringed with mangroves which shelter the ducks.


pattie.isle of wight .uk said...

I enjoyed my walkies this morning around fagans bay
now how about a comment or tow on the wideo i can here the wind
nice to hear your voice with bit
of commentary?just a suggestion.
bye the way ,did you see my daughter?smile, all the family have the flu and are feeling terrible..poor things,it must be doing the rounds.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

As well as your voice (which I'm sure is melodious), can you show us part of you, too? May be a hand waving at us, or your feet doing some actual walking?


No rude bits, though!

Suzanne said...

inexplicable device is being disingenious, as in fact it's just the rude bits i.d. is most wanting a gander at, I'm sure. (as do the rest of us, no doubt.)

Spike said...

Pattie - Didn't see your daughter. Tell her I was the one sneezing my head off. Hope your lot get better soon.

I'm silent on the videos to pick up ambient noise like the wind and so on. And to exclude the sneezing.

Device dear - Thank yer. My voice currently sounds like something from the special effects department's whispering ghost section. Might do my feet walking next time or something.

Suzanne - LOL. I'll never get my site immortalised by the national library if there's a bloody great close-up of my cock on it.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Ooh. Suzanne's ratted me out. The swine!