Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The sound of rain on water

(Random walkies in Woy Woy)

Saratoga from Brick Wharf Woy Woy

Saratoga from Brick Wharf Woy Woy today

Saratoga From Brick Wharf

Saratoga from near Brick Wharf in 2005

New cycle path Brick Wharf foreshore Woy Woy

Ducks and new cycle path Brick Wharf foreshore Woy Woy today

Foreshore from Brick Wharf

Brick Wharf foreshore in 2006

Walked down Brick Wharf Road this morning to Brick Wharf. Brick Wharf is where I did my final every-street walk of Woy Woy in 2005.

Brick Wharf Road runs from the pub and the fish and chip shop down past Soldiers Park, Woy Woy's narrowest house, Lions Park, and the Bowls.

I sat for a bit under a picnic shelter in Lions Park. The rain was a quiet slow tap on the trees and tin roofs. Ducks quacked and waddled about, mostly adult ducks but there was one family with 5 wee fluffy ducklings. A pair of coppers cycled slowly past in their official shorts on their official bikes. In the background there was the quiet zoom and stop of the postie's motorbike and someone testing the bells of the UFO.

I wandered down to Brick Wharf and looked out over the water to Saratoga and the hills of Green Point and Gosford beyond it. The clouds were low and a wee misty bit of cloud had snagged in a fold of a hill. The colours were soft greens and silvery greys. The rain started to come down again, harder this time and I listened to it hitting the still green water.

Right now as I'm typing the rain has started to piss down again and there's a storm coming in. A beautiful day.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely a lovely spot for your final Woy Woy walk and for anytime walking. I really like that second photo with all of the piers shot at that angle.

michael said...

i did a walk last saturday evening I drove to victory parade at tascott parked the car then walked along that street then up along until i got to the eastern side of point clare rail station then I found this path that leads directly onto the sydney bound platform thyen I walked down another street (Noonan Point Rd I believe it is)it went down to the waterfront you can see over to saratoga/davistown and across to woy woy I sat there for a while then walked back along victory parade and got in my car and drove home (I didnt have my camera with me either)

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I like this post a lot. I can't tell you why, exactly. I just do.

Spike said...

Thank yer, Jen, it's a lovely spot all up.

Michael, nice spot there. Did you see those gold and purple stripy rocks at the end of Noonan Point Ave? I like those.

Device dear, could it be the familiar sight of rain?

*hur hur*

BTW, chuck us an email if you want the code for weird flowers. I cut off the flickr thingy due to all the scumbag commerical sites nicking stuff.

michael said...

no I didnt even notice the purple rocks while I was there, too busy trying to look at a rain going past

michael said...

whoops I meant to sat I was looking at a train going past

Spike said...

Good spot for train spotting round there.

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