Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pirates and cows and ducks

(Bensville walkies #3)

Cows at the end of Kildare Street Bensville

It was another bright winter's day. Technically spring because spring technically started on the 1st of August but it still felt like winter.

It was quiet, as it generally is in the sleepy streets of suburbia. But it was quiet like the countryside too. Brisbane Water is pretty densely populated compared to further up the Central Coast, but even Brisbane Water has its semi rural bits.

So I was not very surprised to find a field of cows at the end of one of Bensville's suburban streets.

Cows are calming. You lean on the fence and look at them and they stand there slowly eating and look at you. When you've had a good long look at each other, you go away nice and soothed and they keep slowly eating.

Pirate flag Starboard Avenue Bensville

A pirate flag is not par for the course in the suburbs. Footy flags abound but not pirates. Perhaps someone is addicted to the Pirates of the Carribean.

This is three streets away from the cows.

Pond behind Starboard Avenue Bensville

Downhill from the pirate flag, there was a still pond between the houses on Starboard Avenue and the swampy bush on the water's edge.

A couple of ducks quacked and hid themselves in the scrub at the edge of the water. A dog in a backyard barked then another dog barked then they all decided it was too much effort when they could be laying on their backs with their legs in the air sunbathing instead.

Bensville & Palmers Lane

As promised last week. Bensville is a wee knot of 20 streets between water and cows and bush and marsh. I knocked it off in three lazy walks.

Bustling Downtown Bensville by Bobesh (2 of the 4 shops that make up BDB.)

Map of where Bensville is in relation to Woy Woy and Gosford.

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