Saturday, August 01, 2009

North Street

(Bensville walkies #2)

North Street Bensville

Down the bottom of North Street, near Hastings Wharf, there's a wider bit of park perfect for chucking a stick for yer dog. It's right beside the water so there's the usual puppy pile of slumbering dinghies*, a stand of casuarinas and a couple of magpies strutting about pecking at things.

Mangroves against a blue sky

Warm winter days are my favourite for walkies and photos. The sun is soft and warm and sky's as blue as fuck.

Ron wants to know "why is blue so much blue-er down under?"

Something to do with latitudes and light apparently. Some colours look different here. Snowy white walls in your house that look great in England f'rinstance, look harsh and crap here and visiting artists twitter on about how different the light outdoors is. This thingo and this one might help. Could also have something to do with ozone.

Scout hall, Hastings Wharf Bensville

Between Kallaroo Road and North Street in Bensville the park is just a narrow strip and a path past the scout hall.

There's rocks with graffitti cut into them by bored-yet-industrious scouts, mangroves, washed up sea grass, wet dogs who want to sniff yer bum, the gentle slap of water on seaweed and tree and an abandoned office chair.

Perfect spot to just stop and stare at how bloody gorgeous this place is.

Everyone thinks I got a big one

It's very flattering when people comment and email about the size of my camera. Everyone wants to know how big it is. Thing is, with cameras, it ain't the meat it's the motion. Can't seem to convince anybody of that though.

(Just so we're clear, my dick, however, is as much meat as it is motion!)

* Spelt dinghy right for a change! Must be all that bacon I'm not eating now. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

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