Saturday, August 08, 2009

Salty bits

(Bensville walkies #3)

Down to the saltmarsh, Hastings Wharf

Down a quiet suburban street to the saltmarsh. So many streets lead down to the water and to wee wild places around Brisbane Water and here in Woy Woy. You'd be daft to leave.

This is North Street. It's one of twenty streets that made up Bensville. (Street map next week. Map of where Bensville is.)

Saltmarsh, North Street Bensville

The low red plant might be samphire. Even though it's red it's not ruby saltbush and it's not austral seablite. The trees are casuarina. They like it by the water.

Salt marsh plants, Bensville

The low red plant and the spiky reed. Both of these are also at Woy Woy, on the waterfront at Brick Wharf Road.

Saltmarsh, Norh Street Bensville

Peaceful and quiet in the warm winter sun.

Duck season, salt marsh, Bensville

I disturbed some dozing ducks. They paddled away slowly. That's those reeds or rushes or something again there in the foreground. You don't want to go wandering through them. Sharp as buggery.

That hill in the background is Davistown or Saratoga. Hard to tell from that angle but they're both on the same peninsula anyways.

Local linkage

Deepwater Plaza mural finished at last. The bastard is bloody tricky to photograph. Bad spot re light and as soon as you get the camera out every bus on the fucking peninsula comes thundering past. Oh the humanity!

Nice Umina Beach & wildflower photos - Umina resident on Flickr

Taking the piss

Jensen Ackles lip-synching to Eye of the Tiger (full clip)

Ackles gives good giggle. On yer, mate. Oh and can I lick yer boyfriend? Please?

Warm winter sun

Glorious walkies weather on Thursday and Friday. I was trapped inside doing evil work stuff but it's the same weather today and I'll soon be out under the sun with my shirt off and a steak sanger for my lunch so it's all good.


michael said...

that north street at bensville must be one of the newer streets there
on monday nioght I was wondering why the coppers had part of blackwall road and railway street blocked off then i walked past the mural they must had a launch for it or something there was a light shining on each of the panels and someone explainig what each one represents
i got home from my walk and ten minutes later i could hear fireworks and i am pretty sure thats where it was comnig from

Spike said...

North street is mostly 70s I think, with a fair splash of 80s, 90s and nowties. I only found one (possibly) old place in Bensville and it was tucked away behind a newer house. The old shop is gone. It was where the new shops are now.

Saw a thing about the launch in the local rag yesterday. Two artist blokes, one with a beaded beard. They were putting in the last fish when I walked past a week or so ago.

I heard the fireworks but could not be buggered getting off my bum to find out what they were for :)

michael said...

I remember the old shop at bensville
I used to go through bensville on the bus on my way to erina fair the bus had to reverse down the street thats just before the shops there to turn around

Spike said...

Was it one of them shop-with-house type things or just a wee shop or what? And what year are we talking about?

Re the bus reversing to turn round, was this before Kildare Street was there? It looked very eighties.

michael said...

yeah i'm pretty sure it was a shop and house the last time i remember seeing that old shop was late 90's

the bus turned into kildare street to reverse but that was when it was a dead end street and before it went in a circle and came back out on to the main road

Spike said...

The late nineties sounds about right, given the apparent age of the shops there now and the newer part of Kildare Road. Ta.