Saturday, August 22, 2009

Palmers Lane

(Bensville walkies #5, because I called #4 '#3' and it wasn't.)

Palmers Lane Bensville

It was a cold very still quiet day when I walked Palmers Lane. Even the birds were quiet. It was still winter then, just a couple of weeks back. My nose was cold. It was good weather for walking.

We're looking north-north-east here. Palmers Lane is at right angles to Hastings Wharf. That looks like Shelly Beach Road Empire Bay in the left of the photo and the southern tip of Davistown, same as can be seen from Hastings Wharf.

Palmers Lane is right on the border of Bensville and Empire Bay. The houses on the east side of the road are in Bensville and the houses on the west side are in Empire Bay.

There was only a few houses on the west side. They were half a dozen small houses in what looked like a former paddock up near Empire Bay Road.

Palmers Lane Bensville

The bottom half of Palmers Lane is not sealed. Getting down to the water involved thrashing through the bush beside the road for a few minutes.

Alpha Palmers Lane Bensville

Lovely old house, what we can see of it behind those hedges, in Palmers Lane. Called 'Alpha' or 'Alphaville' and built about 1900. I'd give you a more accurate date but I can't find the fucking hist list it's on. The bastard was right here at the computer yesterday.

This house marks the spot where the sealed road ends and the lane continues down to the water.

Palmers Lane Bensville

Sheep in a paddock next to 'Alpha'. They looked like goats at first but I think they're just long-eared sheep.

Bustling Downtown Palmers Lane

Bustling Downtown Palmers Lane. This is the busiest part of Palmers Lane. There are no shops. The white sign says "No Through Road".

Palmers Lane Bensville
It's starting to look a lot like springtime. Golden wattle beginning to bloom at the top of Palmers Lane.

There are actually three streets at Palmers Lane. The other two are Allawa Close and Rachel Close. People who live at Palmers Lane can zip along Empire Bay Road north to Kincumber to go to the shops or south-west and over The Rip Bridge to the shops at Ettalong on the Woy Woy peninsula.


Bonus photo

Local linkage

They nicked those ATM exploders at last. Those buggers what blew up all those auto-teller bank thingos. One of them was a Woy Woy bloke.

Article at Aunty

Have yerselves a good one. I'm off for a barbie and a shag.


michael said...

palmers lane, allawa close and rachel close all used to be part of the main road years ago before it was diverted
i definitley know it was beacuse i can remember travelling along that section of road as late as 1988/89

hope you have a terrific arvo

michael said...

you just talked about this in your reply to me in your hasting wharf post - dohhh!!!

michael said...

according to this mornings sunday telegraph 2 of the blokes caught are footy players for the umina bunnies!!!

Anonymous said...

Years ago I knew the people who owned the little cottage I went to a party there ... quaint.

Not sure who lives there now.

francoiselin said...
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francoiselin said...
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Woy Woy Steve said...

I used to bludge at work and park down the end of Palmers Lane , nice by the water there lol , remains of an old wharf and road about 200 metres to the east, yes mick I remember the old way to Kincumber across the little wooden bridge , also nearby is a paddock that on certain days produces mushrooms of an exotic variety ;), one remembers some hazy days trying to get back to Woy Woy on our pushbikes hehe

Spike said...

Michael, what is it about footy players and crime? They can't seem to keep it in their pants or out of their nose or whatever. Must be all those knocks to the head.

Anon, excellent spot for a party. Only the sheep would complain of the racket.

francoiselin, a polite email is far more effective than comment spam. Off with your head!

Stevo, excellent bludging spot.

If I'd known about the magic mushies before I went it might've been a very different post :)

michael said...

i dont remember the wooden bridge where was that?