Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bay View Hotel

(Random walkies)

Bay View Hotel The Boulevard Woy Woy

Look down into the left hand corner of the picture, between the street sign and the bush. That's Brisbane Water there, and that hill in the distance is Kincumba Mountain. So you can see this pub is close to the water. It is in fact, if you squint between the Armaguard van and the pub you can see a boat at the ferry wharf.

The street in the foreground is Brisbane Water Drive and those cars are stopping at the lights just out of frame on the right. The railway station is to the right of the camera. The Boulevard runs down the longer side of the pub.

Bay View Hotel The Boulevard Woy Woy

Bit closer for some detail. Not close enough I admit but this one's a hard bastard to photograph. It's either half obscured by cars or just a black block with the morning sun rising behind it.

Anyways. It was built in 1929. Look carefully on The Boulevard side and you can see a change in the roofline where the 1929 part of the building ends and the circa 1980s extension starts. That extension is the motel rooms bit as far as I can tell, and the hotel rooms are in the upstairs of the 1929 part.

Can't find it in the NSW Heritage database or the Australian Heritage database but in Strom it's listed as "Heritage Act status ... Sect. 130 23-1-81". The style seems to be Inter War Free Classical (circa 1915 - c. 1940).

The original Bay View Hotel had a view over the bay, hence the name. The bay was Woy Woy Bay. It, the pub not the bay, was on Railway Street where the Deepwater Plaza extension is now, opposite the railway line at the corner of Charlton Street. It was a lovely 2 storey place and it opened there in 1907. It was right opposite the old railway station. The new hotel was built after the new railway station was built.

The old building became the Nielsen Slipper Factory then, in 1957, Osti Knitting Industries turned it into temporary accommodation. The decorative bits on the verandas were taken off and the verandas closed in with fibro (asbestos sheeting).

This was a cruel thing to happen to a lovely old building. It's remembered fondly by those who knew it in its heyday but there's no known photos of it. (If you've got a photo of the old Bay View email it to me at spikebotster at gmail dot com and I'll post it on here with your name on it, or you can take it to Librarian Geoff at Gosford Library.)

I'm not sure yet when the old pub was pulled down. When I moved to Woy Woy that Deepwater extension was an empty block being used as a carpark by the Deepwater employees.

That's it from me today. I'm off for my afternoon nap.


Blabberon said...

Good stuff Spike.

I'm rooting around in some history myself.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

That cloud lurking above the hotel looks incredibly sinister, like it's going to crush the hotel out of existence.

Good shot!

Aesthetic said...

I was just thinking the same about that cloud, it's like something from Ghostbusters.

Love that ferry also.

Spike said...

Ron Thank yer.

The local history bug bites another one. Good on yer :)

Device dear & Aesthetic - Didn't even notice there was a cloud until you pointed it out. Now I can't keep my eyes off the bastard.

Device dear - Stop hexing my commenters this instant! Notification of Aesthetic's mysteriously didn't show up in my inbox. The only one that didn't!

*cue a weird cacophony of Twilight Zone & Ghostbusters music*

Aesthetic - She's a charming old thing, is she not? Enough to warm the cockles of any ferry-spotter's heart.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Sorry, Spike darling.

Mmm... Nice music.

Spike said...

All is forgiven.

For some reason those two tunes are now joined in my head by the caterwailing theme off Midsomer Murders.