Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Picnic Parade

Sitting inside today slaving over a hot GIMP. I'm making some new lettering for the tee shirts in my wee shop. Or rather, I'm alternating between shouting at the computer and stamping away from it in a fit of pique, threatening to heave it out the window. There's something about making images I just don't get.

Picnic Parade Ettalong

Inter War California Bungalow (circa 1915 - c. 1940) at the water end of Picnic Parade Ettalong. Love those double doors out ont that nice deep veranda. Lovely spot for sitting.

We're looking here at the side of the house facing the water. The grass just visible in the foreground is Lance Webb Reserve, which runs along the Ettalong foreshore between Picnic Parade and Ferry Road. The view from this house and the Reserve is of Wagstaffe, Barrenjoey Head and Lion Island and, between Barrenjoey Head and Wagstaffe, the Tasman Sea.

Wagstaffe, Barrenjoey Head & Lion Island from Memorial Ave Ettalong

The view from the bungalow's front veranda. From left to right: Wagstaffe, Barrenjoey Head, Pittwater (distance) and Lion Island with Commodore Heights in the Ku-ring-gai behind it.


Casade said...

Hey Spike,

just a quick question, would you by any chance know the price range for houses like the Inter War California Bungalow 1915-1940 type of houses, and if their price range will decrease in the future?

just wondering cause l'd love to live around the central coast area in the future and those houses you take picts of are just sweet old little things, l wouldnt mind owning one.

Aesthetic said...

Did you see me waving?

Spike said...

Casade - If you see one for sale in this area, leapt on it.
I'm no real estate agent but I do know they're not going to get any cheaper for a long time and they don't come on the market very often.

If your heart is set on a bungalow, pour over those listings magazines and lurk on the websites of Raine & Horne, The Professionals, LJ Hooker and Central Coast Best Agents. (No idea how good or crap those guys are, BTW.)

This bungalow on Booker Bay Road near Flathead Road I'm certain is a rental so it may not be in the best nick but might be on the market. This beauty went for half a mill but is right on the Woy Woy foreshore near Park Road. These two are on Blackwall Road and Railway Street. Non-bungalows in those two streets are going at 230-400,000 depending on the size of the land.

If you like the 50s houses your chances are way higher.

Best of luck. You'll love the Coast.

Aesthetic - I think so. Was that you in the blue shirt?